Board of Directors

The ICBSS is governed by an international Board of Directors (BoD), consisting of senior representatives from the diplomatic and academic communities of the 12 BSEC Member States. The Board also includes the BSEC PERMIS Secretary General, the ICBSS Director General and Alternate Director General, and three personalities of international standing.


Mr. Dan Petre Director General, The Romanian Diplomatic Institute

Vice Chairperson:

Mr. Akaki Lomidze Georgia, Head of Division of Multilateral and Regional Economic Cooperation of the Dept. of International Economic Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

National Directors:

Mr. Agim Pasholli Republic of Albania, Director, Department of Regional Initiatives, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Ashot Kocharian, Republic of Armenia Director, Department of Multilateral and Bilateral Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Anar Huseynov Republic of Azerbaijan, Director of Dept. for Economic Cooperation & Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ms. Julia Tzerova Republic of Bulgaria, Head, Regional Cooperation Department, Southeastern Europe Directorate, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Amb. Dionysios Sourvanos Hellenic Republic, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Dr. Maria Duca Republic of Moldova, Academician, Rector of the University of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, National Academy of Sciences
Dr. Sergey A. Zabelin Russian Federation, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Science
Mr. Zdravko Pavicevic Republic of Serbia, Minister-Counselor at the Multilateral Economic Section, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Mustafa Osman Turan Republic of Turkey, Minister Plenipotentiary, Deputy Directorate General of the Multilateral Economic Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Volodymyr Khomanets Ukraine, Deputy Head, Economic Cooperation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Mr. Georgios Mitrakos Director General, ICBSS
Amb. Michael B. Christides Secretary General, BSEC PERMIS, Istanbul, Turkey
Amb. (ret.) Jean Cadet Former Member of the French National Court of Auditors, Paris, France
Dr. Hubert Heinelt Professor of Public Administration, Public Policy and Urban Research
Institute for Political Science, Darmstadt University of Technology, Darmstadt, Germany
Dr. Jaroslav Slobodnik Director, Environmental Institute, Slovakia