The ICBSS regularly issues a variety of publications, focusing on a wide spectrum of topics related to the wider Black Sea region.

ICBSS series of publications are accessible for free on the ICBSS website.

  • Xenophon Papers, launched to publish comprehensive policy-oriented studies;
  • Policy Briefs, meant to explore a topic, distil lessons learned and provide policy advice;
  • ICBSS Research Papers, a new series of shorter and informative analysis on contemporary issues.

Submission Procedure

    1. Papers should be sent by email to Subject line: Paper submission for ICBSS Publications.
    2. All papers should be submitted in English; in an MS Office Word format. For more information about the formatting guidelines, please download the related files.
    3. Paper submission must be accompanied by authors’ short CV text (max. 300 words).
    4. Papers submitted for publication, should be original contributions. If another version of the paper is under consideration by another publication, or has been or will be published elsewhere, authors should clearly indicate this at the time of submission.
    5. Authors will receive an acknowledgment email upon receipt of their paper submission.
    6. The final decision on whether the paper is accepted for publication or not is made by the Editorial Board.
    7. List of topics to be addressed:
        • trade, SMEs and economic relations
        • transport
        • sustainable energy
        • environmental policies and climate change
        • food security and sustainable agriculture
        • health care
        • science, technology and innovation
        • education
        • culture
        • tourism
        • good governance and public administration

IMPORTANT NOTICE – All views expressed in the ICBSS Publications exclusively represent the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the ICBSS.

For any queries, please contact us at or at +30 210 32 42 321.